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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself. It involves applying finger and thumb pressure to specific points on the hands and feet. These points are called 'reflexes' and they reflect or mirror the organs and structures of the body as well as a person's emotional health. In this way. the hands and feet are 'mini maps', or 'microcosms' of the body that can be used to encourage holistic healing. By clicking the icon below, you can explore the Association of Reflexologists' map of reflexes in the feet.

I am drawn to Reflexology as it helps to relieve stress and tension and improve sleep. Some of my clients have found it more relaxing than a body massage. Reflexology helps to improve blood circulation and release blocked energy. It also improves elimination and can help the body to self heal. It can also help with infertility and hormonal imbalances. 

Reflexology can be a gentle therapy and sometimes clients fall asleep. This complete relaxation can be very beneficial and what the stressed client often needs. Reflexology however can also be very deep and therapeutic. Working deeply on the reflexes (although a little more painful) can produce more profound results. However, I will never work beyond your pain threshold! 

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